Information about the victim may be contained in the prosecutor’s report about the particulars of any injury, damage, or loss suffered by a victim, or in the form of a victim impact statement. Aggravating factors particular to the offence may include such circumstances as: Aggravating factors particular to the victim may include: Aggravating factors particular to you may include: On the other hand, mitigating factors are those considerations which may result in a reduced sentence. Our Sydney solicitors can provide tailored and expert advice to suit your needs. These, No violence was used during the commission of the crime, The defendant cooperated with authorities, showed remorse, and/or tried to make amends to the victim(s), The defendant was suffering from a mental illness or addiction at the time of the crime, The defendant has an unblemished record (no prior criminal, The defendant is at risk of losing his or her job, The defendant has a good chance of being fully rehabilitated, When charged with a serious criminal charge, the police can remand (or hold,) you until an appearance is made before the court. He believes it provides us with a set of rules that places all of us a on an “equal playing field” and stops us from taking the law into our own hands. He also convinced another judge to not record a conviction for a client charged with the possession of 88 pills and supply of 22 pills charges. Our Sydney lawyers understand the importance of protecting your rights so, if the topics raised here concern you, contact them. Taking the worry out of your legal matters and getting you the result you deserve in separation, divorce, parenting, Family Estate disputes, Commercial Disputes, Employment law, and Business law. There’s a reason he makes a top five in this list! To help you find the best Patent Lawyers located near you in Sydney, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.. The Courthouse is less than a kilometre from the Pitt St mall, home to some of Sydney’s most prestigious shopping labels. Both Benjamin and Leonardo have an excellent understanding of traffic related matters and commonly defend clients in cases of drink driving and other similar offences. Many of Australia’s finest criminal lawyers practice in Sydney and surrounding areas such as Surry Hills, Baulkham, Blacktown, Penrith, Quakers Hill, Chatswood, Brookvale, Manly, Richmond, and Punchbowl. He wants his clients to make the most informed decision possible so they can feel empowered regarding their situation. The company is known for successful prosecuting defamation claims in the Australian courts. Together, both Benjamin and Leonardo have a combined 25+ years of experience behind them. 8 reasons online reviews are essential for your brand, Reasons why your SEO isn’t working… and the fixes needed, Stay-at-home style: 11 of 2020’s top must-have fashion trends for women. Sydney is a passionate litigator where necessary but is also devoted to reaching creative out of court resolutions where possible. He is passionate about criminal law and sits on a number of panels to act as an ambassador and advocate for criminal law. The laws against defamation are different around the globe; a majority of the countries term it as a serious civil offence with tough penalties & even sentencing, depending upon the severity of the case. Tom Howard holds immense expertise in the field of defamation and legal disputes, with over ten years of market experience. They have as dedicated team on hand that is passionate about achieving the best results for their clients with an outstanding track record to show for it; Covering all criminal law cases, Sydney Criminal Lawyers have shown their ability to provide clients with legal services of the highest standard. Elizabeth Ross has defended clients in the Children’s Court, Magistrate Court, as well as all the way to the Supreme and High Courts. However, you don’t have to worry we’ve got you a list of top defamation lawyers in Sydney. Indeed, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia specialise in criminal and traffic-related legal matters, including the following areas: During the early stages of his career, Singh worked through a variety of complex defence hearings, sentencings and appeals in country courts. In addition, Ms Ross sits on a number of committees, and is a passionate ambassador on criminal justice issues impacting the community. Sentencing can affect virtually every aspect of a defendant’s life, from job seeking to overseas travel to personal relationships. Our Sydney criminal law solicitors are able to help you decide if you want to fight a charge or plead guilty. The litigator will solely win a case for defamation against you during this state of affairs if he/she will with success show that your remarks were created in malice with unwell intent, and not in honest oral communication. With her extensive experience in defending clients in a range of accused offences, including drug offences, theft, murder and commercial crime, she has a high-level success rate that has given her the reputation for being one of the leading criminal lawyers in Sydney. We understand that the migration process is stressful and this is why our Sydney team are here to help. He has decades of experience in representing clients on issues involving relationship breakdowns, property splits, custody law and child support legislation. Where possible, a plan of action and way forward are always discussed as soon as possible. Booking an appointment with one of the Go To Court solicitors in Sydney is also easy. Jack believes strongly that the guilt of his clients lies only with what is provable in court, a trait found in all of the best criminal lawyers. His success rate in criminal law is something that he is well known for among his clients and the legal industry. However, under NSW legislation, any person can commence a prosecution by application to the registrar of the Local Court. He is a proactive criminal defence lawyer, and ensures he is defending the case throughout the entire process, not just in the courtroom. Our thriving Sydney office located in the heart of the CBD is one of the largest law firms in the city and comprises teams who practise in all major areas of commercial law. In 2005, Ross spent some time in South East Asia and the Middle East, consulting on a variety of criminal cases. When you are seeking a criminal lawyer, you’ll want to find one who combines quality and affordability. He focuses on criminal law and ensures that his services provided are at the highest level in terms of law and process, as well as having the empathy for clients that’s required in many cases involving criminal law. During his journey as an attorney, he has worked with top firms, before setting up his own Tom Howard Legal. Tendayi was extremely helpful and great to work with. Privacy Policy Go To Court’s Sydney lawyers are there to provide step-by-guidance, helpful advice and experienced representation. There is not a stronger roster of criminal lawyers at any law firm in Sydney. She has spent years in many leading law firms in the CBD. Their experience in a variety of criminal proceedings saw them recognised by the Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales as both lawyers were appointed to serve on the General Criminal Law Panel and the Serious Criminal Law Panel. Consequently, Singh’s primary motivation for all cases is to get the charges dropped as soon as feasibly possible. Litigation matters vary in scope and subject matter, however, they can involve everything from contract disputes and tort claims to claims arising from breaches of specific statutes such as the corporations law and competition (anti-trust) legislation. When you are seeking a criminal lawyer, you’ll want to … He has worked on a number of high profile cases and often achieves the best results for cases including drug supply charges, ADVO’s, Bail applications, defendant hearings, disputed facts hearings and coronial inquests. She has appeared in a range of case that also see her act on behalf of clients interstate. Anna O’Donoghue is a leading Sydney immigration lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in immigration law and leads a dedicated team of specialised immigration lawyers who are trained to take care of your immigration disputes and applications with a heavy focus on visa and Australian citizenship applications. He uses his strong knowledge of precedent and his own court experience to give clients a robust picture of their legal situation. Jahan’s philosophy revolves around providing clients with the best service by understanding who they are as peoples. Would use again for sure :-). In 2004, she was admitted as a practitioner of the High Court of Australia. Litigation practitioners require a sound understanding of all forms of dispute resolution in order to effectively advise their clients. Mr O’Sullivan prides himself on always making the time to see his clients and meet their needs, which includes updating them on what is happening with their case at all stages of the process. When it comes to representing clients in matters of children, he ensures that his approach makes his clients feel in control. They are housed in the Lionel Bowen Building, named after the former Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Labor Party stalwart. He is part of the Serious Criminal Law panel and the Children’s Criminal Law panel, which are part of the Legal Aid Commission of NSW. He does this by keeping them up to date on the progress of a case throughout the process. He is your best defence when it comes to representation in the criminal law system. © 2010-2017 Go To Court Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Aggravating factors fall into three categories: those particular to the People generally associate criminal prosecutions with the police and the Department of Public Prosecutions. Who are the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, NSW? We assist with all issues, including divorce applications, separation, prenuptial agreements, and child custody disputes. They also offer a free first appointment so that you can feel comfortable in the initial stages without the worry of financial stress, whilst fixed fees are also offered for a number of criminal cases. However, because of his unparalleled commitment to criminal law cases, Jack was the recipient of the Accredited Specialist status award by the Law Society of New South Wales, which is a very rare achievement for criminal law solicitors. In fact, it was during this time that Singh realised that criminal justice is far more affordable for people charged with serious allegations when the charges are dropped early in the case. Fortunately, Vanya embodies all these traits and can represent you in a variety of different criminal cases, including drug possession, drug supply, drug importation and various traffic offences, like negligent driving, speeding, driving while disqualified and reckless driving. This list has outlined the top 10 best drug and traffic lawyers in Sydney, so if you’re ever in trouble with the law because of a drug or traffic-related offence, make sure you reach out the names listed here. The team at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia has over 20 years’ worth of combined legal experience. Joseph also has an envious record when it comes to traffic offences. After completing an internship in Hong Kong, Zoe returned to Australia where she worked with one of the top law firms in the country – Corrs Chambers Westgarth. First class lawyers, available at economy rates. When he regularly represents his clients in Court, he is always fighting their best case as he strives to get the best outcome for them. In relation to less serious offences, Joseph convinced a judge not to record a conviction for a client charged with supplying 560 ecstasy tablets. He understands that a part of being a professional lawyer is to be empathetic to a client’s situation. They will help you to pick out what to wear – it is truly all in the details. She has a reputation of always putting her client’s needs first and getting the best outcome, with the least hassle and stress to her clients. During what is a very stressful and confusing time, Benjamin can be a friendly advocate for your rights and always seeks to help you get the best outcome. He is ready to defend clients charged with any criminal offence whether it’s serious or a more juvenile crime. He has appeared regularly in the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court at Sydney and Parramatta. His passion and dedication to his client, and to always fighting and never giving up, is what makes him a sought after legal professional in Sydney. Fully qualified, he is currently undertaking a Master of Laws (Criminal Practice) by correspondence at the University of Wollongong. Big thanks to Clair Tait for all your professional help with my son today would have you anytime. New South Wales has laws with respect to dangerous and anti-social driving behaviour, known as hoon laws. Her number one goal is to always get the best outcome for her client that’s possible. Go To Court’s Sydney team of solicitors provide expert and specialised advice in the following areas of law: Obtaining accurate legal advice and strong representation is important in securing a successful outcome. The choice of resolution strategy or forum will often depend on the client’s unique circumstances, the particular area of law or both. behaviour of the offender in the past, during the commission of the crime, and He is an expert in cases where police have behaved improperly during an arrest, and he knows how to get evidence that was improperly obtained thrown out of court. Criminal lawyer Joseph Correy is the managing partner of Australian Criminal Law Group, one of Sydney’s most reputable criminal law firms – their website: Ι He’s friendly, understanding and compassionate, making him the ideal lawyer for people new to the field. Courtroom experience and an Accredited Criminal Law Specialists are there to help, led by their principal Ugur Nedim. Defamation claims are often complicated and baffling, but with this firm offering your legal device, the odds are on the higher side, you are going to win your claim-since the company has a robust market reputation with a lot of praises from its previous clients. He knows that this group is frequently subjected to racial profiling and discrimination and fights hard to ensure that this does not impede their right to a fair trial and to equal treatment in the eyes of the law. recovering awarded sums).Whilst in Australia professional advocate barristers are typically “briefed” by an instructing lawyer to appear in more substantial matters, advocacy before Courts and Tribunals is not restricted to barristers and any lawyers admitted to practice in the relevant jurisdiction may appear on behalf of their clients.A growing area of Litigation practice in Australia is acting in relation to regulatory compliance. You are not alone. He has extensive knowledge of not just criminal law, but the Sydney court system. Jahan is the managing partner of Executive Legal –, a team of competent and renowned lawyers based in Sydney. Elizabeth Ross is passionate about providing her clients with the strongest and most professional representation at all times. Brian has a rich history and reputation in the legal community, having represented the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. Joseph Isaacs always provides practical advice to any case at hand and is upfront to clients regarding fees and costs. She combines her love for the law and writing to give her clients the best chance of thriving in their individual situation. If you’re a newsvendor, bookseller, professional or net service supplier and you inadvertently publish calumnious material while not negligence, you’re not liable. General Enquiries: |  212.260.1974 For those who are not remanded in jail until the hearing, figuring out the process for making, Using or threatening to use an offensive weapon, Deliberately subjecting the victim to severe pain, Committing an offence against a law enforcement officer, Abusing a position of authority or trust in committing the offence, The offence was committed while attempting to escape police pursuit, The victim was under 14 or over 60 years’ old. Jack Chanthivong is the principal and founder of Gryphon Lawyers – a first appearance in court can be daunting. Criminal lawyer Deng Adut was the 2017 NSW Australian of the Year and other awards won by solicitors include the Law Society President’s Medal, Human Rights Medal, Pride of Australia Medal, WSU Community Award, UOW Young Alumni Award, and Young Global Leaders Award. The word Libeler has the taken from the Latin word “Libellus,” means small book or booklet. Reasons why your SEO isn’t working… and the fixes needed, 8 reasons online reviews are essential for your brand, Stay-at-home style: 11 of 2020’s top must-have fashion trends for women.

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