According to the ministry, Armenian Armed Forces fired upon the "positions of the Azerbaijan Army located" in Ağdam, Tovuz, and in Göyəlli, Gadabay. Notre article. ", "Azerbaijani MoD: Our army's missile systems allows to hit Metsamor nuclear power plant with high accuracy", "Dövlət başçısı: "Bəzi diplomatlar dövlətə xəyanət ediblər, satqınlıq ediblər, "Полад Бюльбюль оглы: Армения пытается вовлечь Россию в конфликт с Азербайджаном", "Assistant to Azerbaijan's President: Armenia's provocation was pre-planned (PHOTO)", "Assistant to president: Azerbaijan not going to take part in imitated negotiations with Armenia", "Hikmat Hajiyev: In contrast to Armenia, Azerbaijan has never planned attacks on civilian targets", "Armenia Accused of Selling Arms to Terrorists", "United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a phone call to Ilham Aliyev", Official web-site of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Former Minister of Defense Rahim Gaziev is detained", "Rəhim Qazıyev saxlanılıb və barəsində cinayət işi başlanılıb", "Prezident XİN-in fəaliyyətindən narazıdır: "Mən Xarici İşlər nazirini tapa bilmədim, "E.M.Məmmədyarovun Azərbaycan Respublikasının Xarici işlər naziri vəzifəsindən azad edilməsi haqqında Azərbaycan Respublikası Prezidentinin Sərəncamı", Official website of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "C.Ə.Bayramovun Azərbaycan Respublikasının Xarici işlər naziri təyin edilməsi haqqında Azərbaycan Respublikası Prezidentinin Sərəncamı", "Azerbaijan blames Georgia for helping arm Armenia", "Serbian MP: Serb arms dealer donated tractors to Kosovo Serbs to win license to export weapons to Armenia", "Минометы для бомбардировок Товуза выслала Сербия с помощью Грузии", "КРАЈ ПРИЈАТЕЉСТВА? [64], At around 5:30, Azerbaijani local media outlets reported that Armenian units fired at the Azerbaijani positions with large-caliber weapons from 3:00 to 4:00. [54] This report was confirmed by Habib Muntazir who wrote that "the situation in the direction of Tovuz has become tense again. [106], The Armenian Ministry of Defense stated that the night at the border was relatively calm. Among Azerbaijani military casualties were one major general, one colonel and two majors. [262], Turkey's support to Azerbaijan during the clashes and Erdogan's subsequent statements are seen by many ethnic Armenians as a demonstration of Turkey's genocidal intentions. In 2016, Azerbaijani president Aliyev revealed that his country had signed $5 billion worth of long-term contracts with Israel to buy weapons and security equipment. [236][237] According to him, weapons, for which the approval of four Serbian ministries was obtained, were exported by a private company in May and June. Retrouvez les horaires de vos trajets en un seul clic ! It shows that they cannot resist Azerbaijan on their own and they know that", saying that Armenia's "appeal to the CSTO is another manifestation of their cowardice". [5], At 1:30, the Azerbaijan State News Agency reported that Armenian forces were shelling Ağdam, Tovuz with 120mm artillery. Samedi, le Premier ministre libanais désigné a renoncé à former un gouvernement. Il n’y a pas de restrictions. Point presse de la porte-parole du MAE/ La presse rend compte du point presse de la porte-parole du Ministère arménien des Affaires étrangères, Anna Naghdalyan. Envoyer par mail. [148] Five more soldiers were confirmed KIA afterwards. Les parties ont approuvé les conclusions des audits indépendants du SCR réalisés sur toute la durée du contrat de concession conclu en 2008. [88], At around 16:00, Hovhannisyan shared a video on his Facebook page and accused Azerbaijan of shelling Armenian villages. Covid-19 : 1.422 cas confirmés, 1.877 nouvelles rémissions en 24h, Test Covid : le ministère élargit la liste des laboratoires agréés, Rémy Ejel, nouveau CEO de Nestlé Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord, Tripadvisor : Trois hôtels du Groupe Accor distingués. Important for both countries to show restraint and to use all channels of communication, both direct and the good offices of the #OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs", "OIC General Secretariat Condemns Armenia's Attack On The Tovuz Region In Azerbaijan", "K#ODEDGUAM Secretariat condemns attacks of the Armenian armed forces in the direction of Tovuz district along the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. [53], The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence reported on 13 July that Armenian forces have attacked Azerbaijani positions in Shahbuz and Julfa districts with large-caliber weapons at 22:45. [236] He added that total cost of the armaments does not exceed a million euros. According to Stepanyan, at around 12:30, the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces attempted to cross the state border of Armenia in a UAZ vehicle for unknown reasons. [189], On 18 July, the press secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry categorically denied all allegations of "Armenia wanting to lure the CSTO into the conflict", noting that Armenia do not need help. In addition to that, he said that Azerbaijan has "enough information". Selon Avinian, grâce à ces e-pétitions, les gens peuvent soumettre leurs propositions, ou faire rapport sur la correction des défauts des organes et des fonctionnaires de l’État. [152] Stepanyan reported that the "defense units of the Armenian Armed Forces have shot down 13 UAVs" of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, "10 of which were for combat, and 3 were reconnaissance". On 29 July, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Armenia to the OSCE circulated a note verbale informing that the Republic of Armenia will suspend military inspections and guest inspectors from Turkey under the CFE treaty and the Vienna Document on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. [281] Police called on the demonstrators to leave the building and they were evicted from the parliament building. [278] According to Muntazir, there were about 10 thousand demonstrators at the end of the initial demonstrations. [73] Less than 10 minutes later, she shared a video of Armenian forces destroying the "Azeri bases that were shelling border settlements in Tavush". Shooting was reported in the direction of the military positions located near the villages of Chinari, Aygedzor, Movses, Paravakar, Koti, Yeraskh, Areni and Zangakatun. [277] BBC News reported that up to 30 thousand demonstrators took the streets. [282] Despite that, some demonstrators started to throw stones at police officers, and injured seven police officers. Hamımızın bir düşməni var – Ermənistan. Selon ses mots, le Premier ministre arménien Nikol Pashinyan a délibérément lancé diverses provocations dans le but […] Colère. On 28 July in London, according to Armenian media, the Armenian youth in the UK staged a protest in front of the BBC office in London in order to call attention to the recent clashes. Le président de la république d'Arménie est le chef d'État et le commandant en chef des forces armées de la république d'Arménie depuis son indépendance de l'URSS le 21 septembre 1991.. Depuis 2018, il est élu au suffrage universel indirect (par les députés) pour un mandat de sept ans, non renouvelable. [21] At around 18:15, Armenian Ministry of Defence confirmed that two more Armenian soldiers were KIA. [125] Then, at 19:46, Samvel Martirosyan reported on his Facebook page that one of the Armenian hacker teams had attacked, and hacked the Wi-Fi devices of about two thousand households and offices in Azerbaijan, and changed their DNS settings. [146], On 14 July, Azerbaijani media reported that 76 year old Aziz Azizov, a civilian residing in Ağdam, died as a result of Armenian artillery fire,[147] which was confirmed by Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan the next that. [77] At about 15:20, Stepanyan shared satellite photos, according to which, Azerbaijani village of Dondar Quşçu was "surrounded by armed battery positions". Trouvez la pharmacie de garde dans votre quartier et ville! S’ils ignorent le droit international, alors pourquoi nous devons le respecter, nous l’ignorerons également, mais tout cela finira mal pour eux », a-t-il dit. Le président azerbaïdjanais Ilham Aliyev note la concentration des forces armées arméniennes à proximité de la ligne de contact dans la zone de conflit du Karabakh, la considère comme une préparation à la guerre de la part d’Erevan. The Azerbaijani side has never voiced the idea of attacking civilian targets. [233], The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia then issued a statement, calling the claims of the transportation of military ammunition to Armenia from Serbia through the territory of Georgia "disinformative",[234] and noting that it is "aimed at artificially creating problems on relations between the two strategic partners". Kocharyan a déclaré qu’il ne pensait pas que le système de gouvernement parlementaire soit le système approprié pour l’Arménie. [252] The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi noted that the "KZV Armenian School is a part of the beautiful fabric of our San Francisco family. It will not be able to break our resolve and make unreasonable and unilateral concessions". [119], At 08:55, the press secretary of the Armenian Defense Ministry Shushan Stepanyan issued a statement, reporting that "the Azerbaijani side violated the ceasefire regime 22 times from firearms, firing 497 shots at the Armenian positions", adding that the shots were mainly fired at the military positions located in the direction of Kolagir, Movses, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, Koti, Yeraskh, Chiva, Zangakatun, Yelpin, Bardzruni, Angeghakot communities. The protest started in front of the office of BBC, continued through, On 20 July, Azerbaijanis held a rally in front of the, This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 16:33. Les réservistes arméniens vont suivre une formation de 3 mois/ Le gouvernement a pris la décision d’annoncer des formations pour les personnes inscrites dans la première catégorie des premières forces militaires de réserve d’Arménie pour une période de trois mois (du 15 septembre au 15 décembre 2020). They also lost a precious bird",[143] but Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence denied these claims. Offre de formation, digitalisation, recherche scientifique, innovation... La Révolution ! The international community, as well as the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, must redouble their efforts. ", "Freedom! They see us as the same – enemy". D’après elle, le renforcement du cessez-le-feu est l’une des priorités de l’Arménie dans le processus de règlement pacifique du conflit. « Tonoyan et Kartapolov ont également parlé d’un certain nombre d’autres questions d’intérêt mutuel » a déclaré le Ministère arménien. Local police intervened, but were initially not able to stop the protesters. Sport. He also noted that the "leadership of the Armenian Army is urgently mobilizing former servicemen, conscripts, including the second and third groups of the disabled, as well as prisoners to the Tavush Province". [134], On 17 July, the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia issued a statement, confirming that 36 Armenian soldiers were wounded. 20 of them were hospitalized, and received appropriate medical care, while the other 16 servicemen had minor injuries. (ФОТО)", "Chargé d'Affaires of Serbia, which sent mortars and other weapons to Armenia, summoned to Azerbaijan's MFA", "მთავრობას ბრალდების უარყოფის მტკიცების ტვირთი გააჩნია – ოპოზიცია აზერბაიჯანული მედიის გავრცელებულ ინფორმაციაზე", "Georgian Party leader demands from MFA to lend clarity to views on delivering weapons to Armenia via Tbilisi", "MFA: One of Azerbaijan's media sources has published a disinformative article containing a myriad of inaccuracies", "Georgian MFA comments on reports on delivering weapon to Armenia via Tbilisi", "Serbian Minister says arms export to Armenia had approval from authorities", "Serbia Confirms Supplying Weapons to Armenia", "Serbia Kirim Senjata ke Armenia Sebelum Bentrokan Azerbaijan", "Xələf Xələfov: "Serbiya tərəfi dərk edir ki, bu məsələnin qiyməti nədir, "Xələf Xələfov: Erməni təxribatı zamanı Serbiya silahlarından istifadə olunması ilə bağlı rəsmi araşdırmalar başlayıb", Продајемо оружје да очувамо наменску индустрију (in Serbian), "Еще один резонансный материал Иордания экспортирует оружие в Армению", "Депутат Фазиль Мустафа: "Если расследование подтвердится, я подам в отставку из группы Азербайджан-Иордания, "Jordanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan summoned to MFA", Armenian forces repel yet another Azerbaijani assault in Tavush.

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